Productive Alternatives in Fergus Falls

It all started here, 60 years ago.

Productive Alternatives, Inc. is a non-profit human services agency that is dedicated to providing diverse services which promote quality of life, and personal growth for the individuals we serve. At our Fergus Falls campus, our services include: employment services for adults with disabilities, day supports for persons with significant disabilities, adult day services, mental health services, public transit, contracted labor opportunities, job placement for employers, and we manufacture and distribute our own line of products.

We are here to help! Give us a call at 218-998-5630.

A job coach works with a PA client stocking groceries.
A Productive Alternatives client and his job coach share a coffee break.
This client works as a vehicle detailer.
A volunteer holds paper while a PA client writes.
Productive Alternative clients are smiling while standing with their coworkers.
The front of the Productive Alternatives building is shown.

Whether you are looking for services for an adult with disabilities, or you are an area business with job openings, or you would like a quote on work you need done, get in touch with us to see what we can offer.

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Hours of operation:

Monday-Thursday: 8 am - 4:30 pm
Friday: 8 am - 4 pm

1205 North Tower Road
Fergus Falls, MN  56537


Fax: 218-736-2541

For more information, contact: