Job Placement Services

Helping Adults With Disabilities Find Paths to Employment

Disability Does Not Mean Inability

Productive Alternatives, Inc. is a person-centered, non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities discover their gifts, earn supportive wages, and live life to their full ability in the community they love. Productive Alternatives provides the necessary supports for each client’s success, such as skills development, job coaching, job exploration, job placement and community integration tools.

Everyone wants to be a valued and respected part of the community. Adults with disabilities are no different. As one client stated, “Productive Alternatives helps me live my good life.”

Job Placement Services

Productive Alternatives helps individuals with disabilities find and keep valuable employment in the community. Our knowledgeable, and caring employment specialists can help with:

  • Employment Preparation: Help identifying strengths, skills and interests

  • Job Placement: Help with hiring process, job leads, job applications, and interviews

  • Community Assessments: Job try-outs

  • Competitive Employment: Jobs in open labor market, paying at least minimum wage and in work settings that include people who do or do not have a disability

  • Extended Employment: Connect with natural supports, communication between the individual and employer, on-going strategies for career planning and advancement strategies

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In addition to jobs oriented programs, we provide other services for adults with disabilities. Choose a page from the list up at the left, or click the button below.


Productive Alternatives is a 501(c)(3) public charity.
Donations made, where a return of goods or services are not provided, are tax deductible.