Perham 180 Housing Program

Perham 180 is the starting point for those in recovery to transition back into the community by providing safe and affordable housing, help finding gainful employment, and the support needed to overcome any additional barriers they face.

The Perham 180 Housing Program, partnered with SisBro, LLC and KLN Holding, LP, is providing adult participants, who have some type of barrier in maintaining housing and employment, with an opportunity to establish employment and stability in an independent living setting within the community or surrounding areas.

Located on the Northwest side of Perham, our housing is made up of 9 private rooms each containing a bed, sink, microwave, small fridge, TV and bathroom/shower.  An additional two rooms were remodeled to house the office, community kitchen, and a lounge.

Through communication of their goals, participants accepted into the program will help staff in developing a month by month plan to meet those goals, such as establishing local health providers, reinstating driver’s licenses, and improving their social and self-care skills.

At Productive Alternatives we believe in all people. We value each individual person in our program regardless of their path getting here.

Perham 180 Location:

Perham, MN


Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

507 4th Ave NW
Perham, MN 56573

Phone: (218) 298-0083

For more information, contact:


Productive Alternatives is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Donations made, where a return of goods or services are not provided are tax deductable.