The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers from across the regions of Minnesota where Productive Alternatives, Inc. provides services. The Board is comprised of a diverse group of people who each bring their own personal contribution to the agency's management. As the governing body of this organization, the Board is responsible for the broad oversight of operations, and for setting the policy and fiscal parameters that guide the agency. Board Members serve three-year terms, with a limit of three consecutive terms.

Board Member Diane Thorson is the Public Health Director for Otter Tail County.

Diane thorson 

Board Member

Diane is the Public Health Director for Otter Tail County.  "Serving on the Productive Alternatives Board provides me with a better understanding of services needed to address the needs of special population groups in our area. I have enjoyed learning about, creating, and supporting programming that addresses a person's abilities to perform job tasks, providing opportunities for employment, and addressing community needs for persons with disabilities, mental health issues, or in need of a source of transportation." 

This is Board Member Jon Kragness.

Jon Kragness

Board Member

Bio pending.

Board Member Judd Palubicki is the parent of a daughter with a disability.

Judd Palubicki

Board Member

As the parent of a daughter with a disability, Judd takes a very personal interest in the mission of Productive Alternatives, Inc., particularly as voice for adults with disabilities with our state and local governments.  "I see what Productive Alternatives brings to my community every day and I am proud to be a part of it." 

Board Member Paul Jensen is an attorney.

Paul JEnsen

Board Member

Since 2008, Paul has brought his expertise and insights as an attorney to the Board of Directors.  "I believe strongly in the mission and vision of Productive Alternatives, Inc.  I have a younger brother who is disabled and challenged by employment and personal growth.  This agency has provided options for many in similar circumstances to that of my brother.  For that, I am not only grateful for what Productive Alternatives does and has accomplished, but also very proud to serve on its Board."

Board Member Shannon Erickson is a former special education teacher and coordinator of special education services.

Shannon Erickson

Board Member

Shannon worked with Productives Alternatives, Inc. over the years when working as a special education teacher and coordinator of special education services. Her teaching experiences and licensure areas include working with students with emotional behavioral disorders, specific learning disabilities, and mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. Currently, Shannon is the Director of Special Education in the Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative.  "My personal interest in serving on the Board of Directors comes from seeing first hand the impact of the skill development and programming that Productive Alternatives does for individuals with disabilities every day." 

Board Member Thad Olsen works for Bremer Bank.

Thad Olsen

Board Member

Thad has worked for Bremer Bank about a dozen years, and was drawn to serve on the Board of Directors because in my professional career after seeing the impact that Productive Alternatives has on the community.  "Whether through seeing PA clients cashing a pay check at the bank or seeing business clients of Bremer employing PA clients, the abilities of PA clients overshadowed any of their disabilities. My personal interest in serving on the Board is to provide whatever value I can to appreciate the long history of service and to help ensure the organization continues to serve its clients well into the future." 

Board Member Tina Jacobson is the Regional Operating Office for the Moorhead and Detroit Lakes offices of Lakeland Mental Health Center.

Tina Jacobson

Board Member

Tina is the Regional Operating Officer for the Moorhead and Detroit Lakes offices of Lakeland Mental Health Center. "Productive Alternatives' Board team is extremely well rounded, with a vast amount of experience and knowledge from the aspects of business, health care and community resources.  My goal is to help PA with guiding decisions, policies, and situations while representing the needs of individuals with mental health diagnoses. I also try to assist board members to understand DHS rules and regulations."  

Tom Hintgen is a Board Member and the father of a special needs child who is a client of Productive Alternatives.

Tom Hintgen

Board Member

Tom is the father of a special needs child. His son Mark has been a client of Productive Alternatives since his high school graduation in 1996. Tom is semi-retired after working 16 years in the newspaper field, and 25 years in public relations. "I currently write part-time for the Fergus Falls newspaper and weekly newspapers in Otter Tail County. I see my role as representing parents of clients served by this agency, and also serving as a goodwill ambassador for the excellent work of Productive Alternatives' administrators and staff members."

Board Member Lori Lindgren has worked as a CFO/VP of Operations in health and human services for many years.

Lori Lindgren

Board Member

Photo coming.

Lori has worked as a CFO/VP of Operations in health and human services since 1991, providing residential, semi-independent, independent living services, intensive residential treatment services, and case management services to individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injury, and dual diagnoses.

"As a servant leader at heart, I have the industry operations and financial background and experience to contribute and share as management wishes.  Wherever and whenever I may be of assistance!"

Davis-Leino Mills is a Productive Alternatives Board Member.

Davis-Leino Mills

Board Member

Photo and Bio coming.

Board Member Stan Wieelinski is a retired high school teacher of English, Speech, Theater and Psychology.

Stan Wielinski

Board Member

Photo coming.

Stan is a retired high school teacher of English, Speech, Theater, and Psychology.  "I have benefited from professional alliances with people and organizations.  I believe that my experiences can be used to help those who help others."